The Invincible Pen is the face of he whose words bring endless memory of a blissful future. A writer, poet, author and lover of nature; he has found much pleasure in abstract writing a genre that so inspires him. The invincible pen is the tongue of he whose sight is of the deep, with a voice as big as the sea. His writing is a rich blend of his full senses composing the rhythm of his mind. Born in the 80’s but came alive in 2008 when he found much joy in expressing himself from the lessons he has been learning from life’s school of imagination, equity and unity. He is also the Author of Oh! President published in 2011, co- authored Words from A Thoughtful Heart with Torera Adesina in 2013 and Temple Without Scriptures in 2015. Life is a roller coaster, it’s filled with high and low, good times and bad, roses and thorns. Sometimes, it’s difficult to face a new day for fear of the unknown, sometimes it is difficulty in reaching a decision or taking a big step. The vision might be so burdensome that you might want to throw in the towel and hang all dreams and aspirations. In light of all these unknown, uncertainty, miscommunication, misjudgment, misstep, pleasant surprises, love, laughter, joy, hope we need to reach into our inner self and get the life line, support, critic, push, hope that we need for the next level. The Invincible Pen is the life line required by all to make life a place of haven and comfort. Destinies have been reshaped, visions have thrived, dreams have been fulfilled with Godly and inspirational writings from the pen! The Invincible Pen is also known for his articles and daily quotes which are exclusive to him. With a decision to change the world around him and the entire world, he has been revealing all of his believes and philosophy since 2012, with his writings especially his inspiring, intriguing, enlighten and witty quotes. The Invincible Pen has also writing numerous articles including ones published by many media outfits including Made Magazine. So much power is embedded in his writings and thought pattern. One of his unique features is his poetic prowess.So here is where like minds relate, you can stop-by on a lazy day for an insightful read on articles or every day for quotes – daily thoughts to get your mind going. Some of our finest thoughts are sung in beautiful indie tunes, they warm the soul.

The Invincible Pen……. Penning the future on ailing minds